Friday, July 08, 2011

Fall Turkey Hunting Myths Debunked

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Part 2

“Scattered gobblers won’t regroup for days.”

True big gobblers can fly quite far when flushed. Sometimes they take their sweet time regrouping, but in other instances prove otherwise. I’ve seen some flushed fall gobblers attempt to regroup with clucks and raspy three-note gobbler yelps within the hour, often even sooner. And yes, I’ve called them in. It’s not uncommon to hear these birds gobble as they regroup. Aggressive purring also can draw their attention as it suggests a pecking order dispute. I’ve scattered fall gobblers many times. On some occasions I had to bide my time waiting for them to assemble. On other occasion it took only 20 minutes of gobbler yelping until a loud gobble ripped back at me from a nearby woodlot. In one instance I barely hat time to get settled down and ready to hunt before I heard the toms calling. Sure, locating and flushing fall turkeys is one thing. Shooting one is yet another thing.

“Fall gobblers don’t strut or gobble.”

Are you willing to put a wager on that statement? Before you answer it’s only fair for me to tell you, you would loose. Sure, it’s not nearly as consistent as in the spring, but it’s not uncommon either.

As for strutting, I’ve seen it in the fall with both sexes. You heard right. Fall gobblers strut. Period. After breaking a turkey flock during a fall hunt in Illinois, I’ve called in a strutting adult hen and on another hunt in Kansas a huge gobbler came to the gun in full strut. Each fall I’ll often find a group somewhere that includes several strutting full-fan gobblers, and a nearby group of adult hens and/or a family flock.

Stay tuned for next week installment of fall turkey hunting myths debunked.

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