Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Ultimate Turkey Camouflage

© By Othmar Vohringer

You have done your scouting and found a flock of turkeys. You learned where they come and go from and chose several ambush sites. You brushed up on your turkey calling technique and patterned your shotgun. You have done all you can to turn hunting fortune in your favor and all you need now is a bit of luck and the right camouflage.

It is said that turkeys have eyesight equal to that of an eagle. Wearing camouflage from head to toe including hands and face is very important to turkey hunting success. What camouflage you wear often will decide if you bag a tom or go home without ever having fired a shot. We all have heard well-meaning advice that the camouflage has be chosen to suit the environment you hunt in. If you sit on the green grass and lean your upper body against a tree trunk you preferably should wear pants with a greenish camouflage pattern and a jacket with a brownish colored pattern. What that means for the avid turkey hunters is that he or she should have a wardrobe full of different camouflage patterns in all variations of patterns and colors. The downside to all this is that you need a lot of room to store all this camouflage and that it probably is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

There is a much simpler solution to this dilemma. Enter ASAT, a revolutionary camouflage pattern. ASAT stands for All Season, All Terrain. Yes, you read that right. A camouflage pattern that works anywhere any time regardless of terrain and seasons. It works so well in fact that it will render a hunter invisible to any game animals and even to other hunters in plain sight of them.

Before you say “But Othmar, now you’re pulling my leg…” let me explain why ASAT works better than any other camouflage you have been wearing. ASAT’s pattern is based on nature and how animals see things and not how humans do. Let me ask you: have you ever seen a deer or any other critter we hunt, with leaves, branches and bits of bark printed on its fur? No! I thought not. Animals have colors that range from white to tan and brown and as we all know a deer can vanish from our sight by just standing perfectly still.

ASAT has used that knowledge and combined it with the study they did on how animals view their world. Most animals see very differently from humans in that they do not see details and do not have color vision. Even animals that can differentiate between colors are more limited than we humans in what shades and hues they can perceive. ASAT does not mimic a forest, dessert or grassland with their pattern. What they did do is to create a light and shadow pattern that animals see everywhere in their environment.

The light and open pattern creates such a perfect illusion to an animal’s vision that it cannot distinguish the pattern from the surrounding; in addition, the human outline is completely broken up fooling the animal even more. Some years ago I conducted my own independent camouflage effectiveness test and found that most camouflage patterns hunters commonly wear are to dark; even if an animal might not see a human form it can see a distinct dark blob. ASAT on the other hand came out completely invisible to animals in the test.

On an interesting side note, during my research I asked a representative of a major camouflage company: “How do deer see your camo?” He answered me back: “I don’t know - we do not sell camouflage to deer we sell it to hunters and they like what they see.” That statement says it all. Modern camouflage is made to appeal to the hunter’s fashion sense. ASAT on the other hand does not look pretty to hunters but works great to fool an animals vision, even that of an eagle eyed turkey.

It is for this reason that ASAT is my camouflage pattern of choice for the past 15 years. Since I wear ASAT my game sightings have gone up. Sure you see turkeys by wearing fashion brand camouflage but how many did you not see because they saw you first? Or have you ever wondered why that big tom hangs up and intently keeps looking in your direction. Could it be that he has seen something that does not quite fit in the picture? Not frightening enough to turn and run away, but still suspicious enough to keep a healthy distance from you.

If you go to all the trouble of learning how to call turkeys, pattern your shotgun, scout and then sit in the woods on your chosen turkey ambush doesn’t it make sense to wear the ultimate turkey hunting camouflage to become invisible to turkeys? Sure it does.

To learn more about ASAT camouflage visit their website.

Read how ASAT camouflage helped me to a once in a lifetime Close Encounter with a whitetail deer buck.

Photos courtesy of ASAT OUTDOORS, LLC

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