Monday, July 11, 2011

Fall Turkey Hunting Myths Debunked

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Part 3

“Why flush turkeys when I can just shoot one?”

Of course you can just shoot a turkey. But to do that you first have to walk undetected into shotgun shooting range of the flock. With several pairs of turkey eyes looking constantly out for trouble on the horizon walking up on a turkey is almost next to impossible.

Often, when you see a flock of fall turkeys they are on the edge of your effective shooting range. What do you do then? That’s when you might need to flush them. This strategy is based on the simple fact that turkeys are gregarious and the hope that the flock will want to regroup.

There’s a difference between a good and bad flock flush, as all veteran fall hunters know. In a lousy break, smaller groups of birds stay together. This puts you at a tactical disadvantage. In a flush done right, turkeys fly off or run in all directions. They’ll want to regroup.

You can set up at that site and try to call one into range. Also, some might suggest this approach is more sporting than simply shooting one that is in range by luck and circumstance.

“Spring hunting is just better.”

Sure spring gobbler hunting is better in many aspects but what if you don’t get a spring gobbler. That’s right, you try again in the fall. To me, the spring gobbler hunt offers a range of tactics and pleasures ranging from hearing turkeys on the roost to strutters spitting and drumming as they work toward you.
But by the end of summer, and months of sitting in camp I’m ready to find some fall turkey flocks. How about you? My old adage, “You can’t kill a turkey if you stay home.” applies not only to turkey hunting but any other form of hunting. Meaning, if you’re an avid turkey hunter then you might just as well take opportunity of the fall season too. It’s that simple.


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