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Hi, I am Othmar Vohringer, founder of Wild Turkey Fever. I am exited that you found your way here to us and personally would like to thank you for visiting the mayor information source on turkey hunting and conservation. I pride myself on the fact that Wild Turkey Fever abstains form the usual hype, myth and make-believe surrounding this topic. What you find here is straight-talk and practical information that has proven reliable in the field.

Wild Turkey Fever is focusing on turkey hunting/conservation news from America and Canada, stories and field proven hunting tactics for avid turkey hunters of all skill levels.

Since you're new here I would like to share with you the information below to assist you in getting the most out for you.
  • You can learn more about Wild Turkey Fever by reading the "About" page. To learn more about the North American Wild Turkey read here!
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  • You may also like to read the "Othmar Vohringer Outdoors" blog, a general hunting and hunting related information blog and "Whitetail Deer Passion", a blog dedicated to whitetail deer hunting and conservation.
I am pleased that you found your way here to Wild Turkey Fever and hope that your stay here is as enjoyable as it is for me to provide the information on this blog for you. 
Keep the Wild Turkey Fever burning in your heart and good luck for all your future hunting endeavors.

Yours in hunting
Othmar Vohringer

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