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Fall Turkey Hunting Myths Debunked

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This is a series of short posts where I will look at some of the most commonly held fall turkey hunting myth and dispel them. Opinions and beliefs about autumn turkey hunting are wide and varied. Some have merit and others are, well, just myth. By the time this series ends the fall turkey hunting season will upon us and I hope some of the information provided here will help to kill a fall gobbler.

Part 1

“You can’t call a fall gobbler.”

If you change your calling tactics it can be the ticket to bring a fall gobbler in front of your gun or bow. In the spring toms seek out hens to breed them. Our calling then focuses around making clucks and hen yelps to lure gobblers in. In the fall, male turkeys live in gobbler groups. In the fall male turkeys are geared toward survival, primarily roosting and feeding, and establishing pecking order rule their movements. To call a fall tom to the gun or bow you have to adapt your calling. Clucking, gobbler yelping and gobbling can do that for you.

“Fall turkeys are easy to kill.”

Some are easy to kill, other aren’t. Fall gobblers can be easy to hunt once you find them, but locating a flock in the fall isn’t always that easy. As food sources deplete turkeys spread far and wide in October and November. As a result, groups of birds can roam widely. This is especially true for turkeys in mountainous regions. You may find sign in the form of scratchings, tracks, droppings, and dusting areas, but never see a live bird. When you do though, yes, it can be easier, but not always.

Stay tuned for next week installment of fall turkey hunting myths debunked.

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