Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Canadian Wild Turkey Federation – A Voice For Canada’s Wild Turkeys

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Two years ago Mike Holland, Terry Smith and Ken Hare, all three of them avid turkey hunters and conservationists, got together to create the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation (CWTF). The move came on the heels of an announcement by the American based National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) to dissolve their Canadian branch and chapters in an effort to spend more time and resources on emerging wild turkey conservation issues arising in their country.

As the CWTF’s two year anniversary approaches it is a time to look back at the organization’s achievements to date and to plan for its future. The main objectives in the beginning were to establish a presence and grow it forward and in this regard it has achieved considerable success. Today the CWTF has over 1,000 active members, established over a dozen chapters across Canada and attracted several corporate industry sponsors. There have also been several successful fundraising events organized and hosted by the various CWTF chapters, plus engagements in conservation and hunter recruitment programs.

The foreseeable future will see a continued effort to grow membership numbers and the creation of more chapters throughout Canada. This is important for any not-for-profit organization; financing the various programs and goals of the CWTF must come from membership fees and membership volunteer work. While efforts to expand will continue there will also be more emphasis on important issues such as hunter recruitment programs, wild turkey conservation and establishing relationships with federal and provincial government and other wildlife conservation organizations.

In just two years the CWTF has become a national organization and is well on its way to becoming bigger and stronger as the months progress. As with any true hunter-founded wildlife organization, the CWTF is about much more than just turkey hunting. It’s also about creating awareness for North America’s largest and most beautiful game bird, educating regular people and hunters alike about the historic value of the wild turkey and the conservation efforts needed to make sure that future generations will still see wild turkeys. I am proud to be a member of the CWTF because I truly believe that Canadian wildlife should be represented by a Canadian organization such as the CWTF.

The CWTF mission statement is;
  1. To promote the establishment, restoration, preservation and sustainable management of wild turkeys and their habitats in Canada.
  2. To develop programs and engage in projects to establish, restore, preserve and enhance wild turkey hunting practices, traditions and heritage.
  3. To promote responsible wild turkey hunting practices, traditions and heritage.
  4. To promote conservation, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor and wildlife oriented activities.
  5. To host, sponsor and promote educational, social, exhibition and other events for members and the public.
To learn more about the CWTF and how you can become a member visit their website (

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