Monday, May 04, 2015

Product Review: Turkey Tuque

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A few weeks ago I received a new product in the mail for review. Opening the package little did I realize that I am about to look at a product that addressed several issues all turkey hunters are familiar with, and that this might very well be the solution we have been looking for.

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The Turkey Tuque, like many ingenious products, is a simple solution to a problem that makes you say; “Why didn’t someone think of that earlier”. After a successful hunt and tagging the bird most hunters pick the turkey up, threw it over their shoulder and walk out of the woods. All the while the dead turkey’s limb and bleeding head sawing back and forth, the blood drips over the backside of the jacket and pants, staining clothing and equipment. Then we drop the turkey in the back of our truck sit with the bloodstained backside behind the steering wheel and drive home, where we realize that the truck seat is now blood stained too. We then spend hours cleaning the truck seat and wash the blood from our camo.

Enter the Turkey Tuque. The tuque is for the lack of a better word an oversized condom that you wrap over the head of the turkey and now you can carry the bird cleanly and without a bloody backside to your truck and transport it home.

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The other important aspect of the Turkey Tuque is safety. On my turkey hunting seminars and in my articles about turkey hunting I always drive the safety aspect of hunting North-Americas most popular game bird home. One of these safety measures is not to become the target of anxious hunters mistaking you for a turkey. This means, among other things, avoiding wearing colors that resemble a gobblers head, which are; red, white and blue. By carrying your turkey over the shoulder out of the woods dressed in camouflage all other turkey hunters with tunnel vision can see is the toms head bobbing back and forth at just about the height that a life bird would be seen. In other words, you become the involuntary bulls-eye. The Turkey Tuque is colored in bright hunter orange and thus also serves as a safety device. This will save me time in future because I no longer have to tie orange survivor tape on the turkeys neck wings and feet. All I have to do is to cover the birds head with the Turkey Tuque. I might still keep my tradition of wearing my hunter orange vest, in addition to dressing the birds head with the Turkey Tuque, on the way back to my truck.

I am looking forward to try out the Turkey Tuque on my next hunt but from the responses I heard so far many turkey hunters seem impressed by the product and are happy that their backside and car seats is not blood stained anymore, plus they feel safer carrying the bird out of the woods.

For more information or purchase the Turkey Tuque visit their website.

Turkey Tuque Facebook Page

Turkey Tuque Instructional Video


Anonymous said...

Neater than the paper towel, plastic bag and elastic band I have used to date

Ben said...

Nice idea!!! thanks for the reviewing

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