Sunday, May 09, 2010

Your turkey hunting story

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Here in British Columbia the turkey hunting season is winding down and so in many other areas of Canada and America. Here at Wild Turkey Fever we’re curious how your season went and would like to hear your story and see some pictures to go with it.

Make the story interesting for our readers by including what equipment and tactics you used that helped you in your success. Send us your story and pictures and we will publish it here for others to read.

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hunters life said...

hey guys my name is nick and im a life time turkey hunter even though im 13 ill probably be saying this wen im 90 but ya this year was fun in indiana and michigan in the last two years i have had to big gobblers one came strutting in at 11:30 and one ran in from a field after seeing my brother walking out and i got it to settle with a HS strut lil duece slate call and he stopped and my the big mistake of putting his head up and bam he dropped. i also got mine last year with to feather flex hen decoys and he can 80 yards in a half hour and he came to about 35 yards and i dropped him with my charles daily fully camo pump 20 gauge and i was done for the year. after these past 3 years im very experiences but i need to trade my 20 for a 12 now cause this year in angola indiana i had a bird roosted on the youth hunt and set my two feather flex decoys out one was a hen and the other was a hen that i painted the head red and put a half strutting jake tail on it and a half hour late a hen came sprinting to the decoys and then went passed them to 9 steps from me and at that second i looked across the green field to see another running hen a a huge fan behind her and a big beard dragging the ground they came running to the decoys and at that second the gobbler got spooky and puffed down and walked away the boom and he dropped but soon got back up and i popped another in him and he fell again and that was it he had ran into the woods and was gone we found a few feathers and blood but thats it the next day my bro had one at 25 yrds and couldnt get it done either so o well we had good action now im looking forward to deer season and the fall turkey season..... thanks NIck Kocks->TEAM RUT AND STRUT

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