Sunday, May 04, 2008

Heirloom Introduces New Turkey Call

© By Othmar Vohringer

The following press release has been sent to me by Heirloom Turkey Calls of which I am a proud Pro-Staff member.

Here at Heirloom Turkey Calls, we get a lot of feedback from all over the country
and as much as we love to hear our praises, we listen closely to suggestions
on how we can improve on our line of calls too.

It's these suggestions that have spawned a whole new member of the Heirloom Turkey Call family of game calls; the Over 'n’ Under!

This call is a hybrid call, combining the compactness of our Single Barrel callers
with the dual striking surfaces of our Double Barrel callers.

Whoever said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too, was mistaken!
The Over 'n Under call was designed to utilize a hand turned hardwood pot
with a crystal striking surface placed above one of our patent pending Harmonic Resonators, which has been situated atop of a 1/8th inch thin wafer of Pennsylvania mined slate seated in the bottom of the pot.

From the top view, the call looks nearly the same as our Nationwide Best Seller,
the Single Barrel caller, but turning it over, you'll find that the bottom
of the pot has been partially removed to allow the user access to the slate surface.

How's it sound?

The top crystal striking surface retains all of the harmonic characteristics
expected of an Heirloom Turkey Call, while the bottom slate offers a real surprise.

It hasn't the intense volume of the crystal, but has mellowed a bit and offers
unprecedented purity of sound making this the most realistic,
short-range caller you will ever play.

Heirloom Turkey Call's Over 'n’ Under friction call
is a true beauty of workmanship and design,
thanks not only to the vision of our master call maker, Mr. Brian Warner,
but to you, our valued friends and customers who's input and suggestions have made this call possible.

Each of these hand crafted and tuned calls are signed and dated and will be released in limited quantity until Spring of '09, so order yours today and once again be the envy of all of your turkey hunting pals!

View and order the Over ‘n’ Under Call here

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