Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kidney Disease Patient Enjoys Dream Turkey Hunt

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Today I came across a particular heartwarming article about a young boy suffering from kidney disease. With termination and persuasion Jake Ostermyer of Kansas managed to convince his doctor and family to let him go on his dream hunt for wild gobblers.

Below please read an extract from the article written by Brent Frazee for the Kansas City Star

Just a few weeks ago, it appeared that Jake Ostermeyer was going to miss this spring’s Kansas turkey season.

When his kidney disease worsened, Jake, 15, was hospitalized for 10 days in early March. Then doctors told him he would have to go on dialysis every other day while he awaited an organ donor.

A long day of climbing hills and scrambling down creek banks? That seemed out of the question. To everyone except Jake.

“I kept begging the doctors to let me go,” said Ostermeyer, who lives in Tonganoxie. “Hunting turkeys with my dad each spring is something I always look forward to, and I didn’t want to sit out this season.

“Finally, right before the youth season, the doctors said I could go, as long as I took it easy.”

Well, Jake didn’t exactly follow doctor’s orders.
He ended up spending a long day in the woods, hunting with his dad, Keith, on public land at Melvern Reservoir. But maybe that was the perfect therapy for a youngster who loves to hunt.

Read the full article here

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