Friday, April 04, 2014

What Is A Turkey Slam?

© By Othmar Vohringer

I’ve been asked a few times, “What is a turkey slam?” A turkey slam is when a hunter shoots one tom from several turkey subspecies, what subspecies are required for a slam is determined by the type of slam the hunter is aiming for. The National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes six different turkey slams. These are: Grand, Royal, World, Canadian, U.S. Super and Mexican. The completion of a slam does not require completing the feat in a single calendar year.
Below is the outline of each slam and what subspecies it requires to be officially recognized.

Grand Slam consists of:
Eastern Wild Turkey, Rio Grande Wild Turkey, Merriam’s Wild Turkey and Osceola Wild Turkey.

Royal Slam consists of:
The same subspecies as the Grand Slam in addition to the Gould,s Wild Turkey.

World Slam consists of:
The same five subspecies listed above in addition to the Ocellated Wild Turkey.

Mexican Slam consists of:
Rio Grande Turkey, Gould’s Turkey and Ocellated Wild Turkey. All three subspecies must be taken in Mexico.

Canadian Slam consists of:
Eastern Wild Turkey and Merriam’s Turkey. In order to be recognized as “Canadian Slam” the birds must be taken in the following provinces; Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta or British Columbia.

U.S. Super Slam consists of:
One turkey of every state except Alaska. This is without question the most challenging wild turkey slam to complete. James, Wilhelm of VA is the latest of three turkey hunters to ever achieve this incredible feat.

For more information about the National Wild Turkey Federation visit their website.

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