Thursday, March 20, 2014

Using A Push-Button Call To Entice A Gobbler To Take The Last Few Steps

© By Othmar Vohringer

A mouth diaphragm turkey call is a great way to get a gobbler to take the last few steps to come within shooting range. However, if you are like me, suffering from a rare allergy to Latex that prevents you from keeping a diaphragm call for a extended time in your mouth, or simply have not the time to learn to use such calls, here is a trick that use with great success.

Mount a push-button call onto your shotgun barrel. With a few minor modifications this is a great way to call to a tom with the gun shouldered and ready to shoot. Attach a string, about two to three feet long, to the push beg of the call. Next glue a strip of Velcro® around the body of the call with a few inches standing free on either side to wrap around the shotgun barrel. That is all that is needed.

When you arrive at your setup and get ready to hunt simply fasten the push-button call onto the shotgun barrel. Make sure you run the Velcro strip between barrel and rib, not over the rib (see image). When the turkey approaches your setup hold the string between two fingers of the hand that supports the fore end (forestock) of the gun and start calling using the string. This lets you call without any noticeable movement while having the gun at the ready. It takes a bit of practise using a push button call in reverse, instead of pushing the button you pulling it, but you very soon will get the hang of it.

Push-button calls are ideal for close in calling, they produce perfect soft yelps, clucks and purrs. Mounted onto your shotgun they a deadly. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you.

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