Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Judge A Turkey’s Age

© By Othmar Vohringer

Every turkey hunter can tell a tom form a young jake. But can you tell the difference from a younger 2-year-old from an older mature gobbler?

Here is how you can tell:

Young toms have a more youthful, lighter gobble. Three-year-old and older toms vocalize with much deeper, booming sound.

If you can glass the gobbler’s legs from a distance to estimate his the age. If the spurs are long, sharp and curved upward then it's a mature bird. If the spurs are short and rounded at the point and grow straight out it’s a young tom.

Mature gobblers do a lot of running around, chasing jakes off their hens, and loose weight. The biggest tom is not always the oldest bird. If you see a strutting tom chasing off other toms then that is the oldest bird in the bunch.

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