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Turkey Hunting on Public Land

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Hunting gobblers is a challenge at the best of times but on public land it gets that much tougher. On public land you’re not only try to outsmart the turkeys but other hunters as well. Talk about a challenge.

Rather then walk around the property try to scout from your vehicle by driving around. Stop frequently and call. Note on your map or log a way point on your GPS where you hear a tom gobble. Do not use a turkey call to locate a gobbler, instead use a crow or owl call. To many hunters use turkey calls to locate birds and all it does is make them call shy, especially on public land. Be prepared to drive up to 50 miles and mark as many spots as possible where you hear gobblers. The more locations you select the better the chances are you will get a bird on opening day.

Turkeys on public land hear many hunters call and more often than not will not come any closer unless they see another turkey. So using decoys is smart and so is changing the calling frequency. Listen how others in the area call and then be just that little bit different. Often this is all that is needed to fool a tom into believing that you’re not a hunter.

On public land be a bit more aggressive and take more chances you have nothing to lose only to gain. If you get a response try to get as quickly as possible close to the tom and set up. If it doesn’t work don’t hang around for to long. Get up and move to the next location you marked on your map or logged into your GPS. However, don’t let the fast pace and excitement of the hunt make you oblivious to hunting ethics and safety.

If you spot another hunter, move on and hunt in a different area. If you see or hear another hunter working a tom, quietly leave that area and find a different spot. Be respectful of other hunters and always remember no turkey is worth getting injured or loosing a life over it.

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