Saturday, April 10, 2010

A day at Grouse River Outfitters

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Hunters from Kelowna, BC and surrounding area turned out in full force to visit Grouse River Outfitters in Kelowna, where Jim Walker and myself made a in-store turkey hunting clinic appearance. The event had been promoted for weeks in the store, local newspapers and on hunting forums in our province. The turnout was great as many hunters and fans came out to chat with us, or get product recommendations and turkey hunting tips from the pros. After the store closed at 6 pm we all headed up the road to the Kelowna Fish & Game Clubhouse for a four hour mammoth turkey hunting seminar.

Glenn Fallis, owner and president of Grouse River Outfitters (right), is happy about the turnout of customers and the success of the event. More and more outdoor goods storeowners begin to realize the potential and promotional value in-store clinics have for their business in promoting the business and getting people interested in the outdoors.

Groups of customers soon gathered around Jim Walker and me to get tips on turkey hunting tactics and calling. As a pro staff member of ASAT Camouflage I was able to convince many hunters why ASAT is without a doubt in my mind the best camouflage for turkey hunters.

Jim Walker (right), Primos Game Calls pro staff member and professional game caller, and myself pose for a picture before the four hour marathon turkey hunting seminar held in the evening at the Kelowna Fish & Game Clubhouse just up the street from the Grouse River Outfitters store. It's not often that two turkey hunting experts come together to share their knowledge with hunters. Jim started the evening off with talking about different turkey calls and the sounds they can produce followed by hands on demonstrations. Then it was my turn to talk about different tactics and strategies that can be employed to bring a tom within shooting range. At the end of the seminar Jim and myself were available to answer questions. One of the attending hunters said it best; "I learned today more about turkey hunting from Jim and you than I would have otherwise in a lifetime."

This was the last spring turkey hunting seminar and I am pumped to head out next week in my quest for a British Columbia gobbler.

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