Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What’s your story?

© Othmar Vohringer

After juggling a few dates around I finally will be able to squeeze a few days of turkey hunting in before our season closes on May 15. For a while there I was worried I couldn’t make this year. On May 8th, that is three days after my birthday, a friend and I head out to the Christina Lake area for a few days of turkey hunting.

That late in the season it will though going, I have been told that the area has seen quite a bit of hunting pressure lately. I hope that I can come back here after the hunt and tell you all a great success story. To be honest with you all, turkey or no turkey, I am just glad to get out and do some hunting and spend time with friends in our great outdoors. That alone will be a story worth telling

In the meantime I would like to hear your spring turkey hunting stories. Submit the story and a picture, if you have one, to me and I will be happy to post them up here for all to read.


Deer Killer said...

I wish I had a success story, but the season end with an empty tag in my pocket.

Tom said...

I wish I had a success story too. I managed to call a bird to within 10 yards for my Dad though! Since that was only his second hunt ever, I would have to call that a success. Best of luck to you on your season.


Othmar Vohringer said...

Deer Killer – I am sorry to hear that, but you know what they say. There always will be next time. I guess that is what keep us going back time after time.

Tom – I get as much fun calling turkeys for other hunters as I do hunting them myself.

I’ve been told two days ago that the birds are quite spooky where we go. With that said I am not getting my hopes up to high but I sure will try my best.

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