Saturday, May 24, 2008

John's first turkey hunt in Minnesota

Entry #5

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John is a member of the SHS Hunting Chat Forum and he went recently on his very first turkey hunt. Notice as you read his exiting story that when he changed his turkey call to a Heirloom Turkey Call he got lots of gobblers answering him back. There is a reason why I became a pro-staff member of Heirloom. They make the best turkey calls in the industry, simple as that!

Now without further ado here is the hunting report in John’s own words. Enjoy!

This was my first time turkey hunting of the 5-day hunt here in Minnesota. My first day hunting I had toms gobbling all morning but they where all the way across the river. I watched them strut and gobble along the river bank for couple hours, I had 2 hens and 1 jake decoy sitting out on the ridge top looking over the river but they still would not come over.

I was using a mouth call it started to rain and started to hail so I called it a day and went home. My second day I went back at 5:00 am put one hen decoy out and got in my blind and waited for the pheasants to crackle they got the toms talking soon. I heard a tom sound off I picked up Toby’s Rebel Yell box call (Heirloom Turkey Calls) and an answer from a tom came back, then the whole river bottom lit up with turkeys. This was at 6:00 am so I waited some more and listen for a tom to gobble and then I would answer him back.

This went on for a couple hours. Finally I look out my blind window and there was a bird straight across from me and the other side of the river so I used the box call a little more aggressive and then I acted like I was going away from him. All of a sudden I heard him flying over my ground blind and he landed 15 yards on the other side of my blind so I quit calling. Then I saw the farmers sheep coming in the area and chase the bird away. One of the sheep took off my hen decoy and drops it about 5 yards from the blind. I used the box call to try and get the tom to come back. I see the bird running towards the decoy as the sheep moved away, so I pickup the shotgun and fired at hi from five yards he did a couple back flips and it was over. The tom had a beard but the shotgun blast at such close range destroyed it. The turkey weighed 19 pounds.
Thanks to Heirloom Turkey Calls for getting me hooked on turkey hunting.

John Schroeder

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