Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hunters Set New Record

EDGEFIELD, S.C.--With more than 50 million hunters saying they've hunted in the past two years, it's not surprising that a new report released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows that U.S. hunters set a new record in hunting license, tag and stamp sales in 2005.

The total sales for licenses, tags and stamps in 2005 were more than $723 million.

"When you see numbers like these it's evident that conservation and hunting heritage efforts are making an impact," said Rob Keck, National Wild Turkey Federation CEO. "It also emphasizes that we must continue these efforts, to ensure the future of hunting and the wildlife and habitat that make our heritage so special to millions of Americans."

In a new survey commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and conducted by independent firm Responsive Management, 19 percent of Americans--more than 50 million people--said they've hunted in the past two years.

The new figures show 14.5 million Americans purchased a license in 2005 compared to 14.7 million the previous year.

Depending on local laws, non-licensed hunters may include:

1. Young hunters who aren't yet required to buy a license

2. Hunters at wingshooting and other game preserves

3. Landowners hunting on their own property

4. Lessees hunting on land where they reside

5. Active duty military on leave

6. Citizens who hunt only on free hunting days

7. Senior citizens no longer required to buy a license

"Every hunter is an important asset to the firearm and hunting industry, but the number of license buyers is also significant because that's who contributes the most to habitat restoration, wildlife management and other conservation programs. Special excise taxes on guns and ammunition generated more than $224 million in 2005, but license sales more than tripled that amount," said Doug Painter, president of NSSF.

Source: NWTF, Read the full article

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