Saturday, December 16, 2006

Turkey Scorecard

Here is handy device that every turkey hunter worth his or her salt should own.

The Turkey Scorecard it is a self-contained unit that is durable, portable, and designed to fit in a hunters vest or backpack without taking up valuable space or requiring separate components for scoring.

Every hunter that takes to the field has a competitive instinct that requires validation of the hunt. The Turkey Scorecard provides the measurement of success for minimal expense and it can be used on multiple hunts.

This is a perfect gift for Christmas to give to a enthusiastic turkey hunter.

This item is sold exclusively by the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation).

By purchasing this and many other useful products from the NWTF you not only know that you have a product field tested by avid turkey hunters but you also support the NWTF in its unparalleled and tireless effort to promote and preserve the North American wild turkey and habitat conservation.

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